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We Can Help With Postnuptial Agreements

Even in the happiest days of marriage, couples often consider drafting legal documents to help ease difficult times in the event of death or a marriage that ends in divorce. Hudson Family Law in Palm Beach County, FL works with couples after their wedding day to compose postnuptial agreements that outline the couple’s wishes. Attorney Lise Hudson has over 30 years of law experience and is an award-winning family law attorney in Palm Beach County. Contact our office to schedule a consultation.

Postnuptial Agreement Attorney in Palm Beach County, FL

What Is a Postnuptial Agreement?

A postnuptial or post-marital agreement is a written, signed, and notarized document that outlines responsibilities, financial allowances, and other agreed-upon decisions by couples after they marry. Like a prenuptial agreement, the record acts as a binding contract of wishes to be carried out when one spouse dies or the couple ends up divorced. While the discussion of a postnuptial agreement can seem uncomfortable, it acts as insurance in an unpredictable future.

Why Work With Hudson Family Law on a Postnuptial Agreement?

Similar to a will, a post-marital agreement is a written document usually composed by a practicing attorney with appropriate signatures and official notarization recognized in a court of law. However, there are some circumstances where a judge may rule against part or an entire postnuptial agreement if the process isn’t followed correctly. For this reason, it is critical that couples seek the professional help of a qualified attorney like Lise Hudson at Hudson Family Law to avoid mistakes that could void a postnuptial agreement, such as:

  • Improper notarization
  • Incorrect signing or signatures
  • Missing reports of assets, debts, or bank accounts
  • A spouse that was coerced into signing
  • A spouse that did not have legal help through the process

Schedule a Postnuptial Agreement Consultation Today

Attorney Lise Hudson at Hudson Family Law in Palm Beach County, FL specializes in family and marital law, including postnuptial agreements. She has over 30 years of legal experience, and our firm was recognized in 2020 as a Best of Palm Beach law practice by the Palm Beach Post. Contact our office to schedule a consultation today and learn about our simplified process for achieving your and your spouse’s goals.

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