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Hudson Family Law Offers Strategic Legal Services

Hudson Family Law is a dedicated family law attorney firm in Palm Beach County, FL. We are in the business of creating positive solutions to your situation when you need it most. If you’re walking through a divorce, need assistance with child custody battles, or more, we specialize in several services to help. You deserve a supportive advocate to walk beside you through your current season. Contact us today for service.

Team member Lise Hudson at Hudson Family Law

Lise Hudson, Esq.

Lise Hudson is one of a kind to our family law firm. She brings a lot to our business from her team-player mindset and strategic skills! Here are some facts to get to know her:

• Native of the Palm Beaches, grew up on Flagler Drive
• Mentor was Robert M. Montgomery, Jr.
• Been practicing since 1988
• First divorce at Bob’s Firm was a $500M divorce
• Practiced family law exclusively since 1990
• Hudson Family Law was created in 2008.
• Has a holistic approach:
o Collaborate as a team with other relevant professionals to evaluate a case
o Create a Cohesive plan for interweaving the past, present, and future needs of the client
o Pursue Strategic inflection points to optimize advantage and results
• Married with two adorable, self-governing dogs (i.e., the dogs run the house)
• Loves ballroom dance, the mountains, coffee shops (real ones, not Starbucks), and cool jazz

Team member Janice Veilleux Brooks at Hudson Family Law

Janice Veilleux Brooks

Janice is a family-oriented, unique person who loves to travel and have fun. We love her adventurous qualities that help us never have a dull moment in the office. Here is a little bit about Janice’s background:

• Born and raised in Bristol, Connecticut (the home of ESPN)
• Long-time resident of Palm Beach County (practically a native)
• Legal professional for over 33 years
• First Team member at Hudson Family Law; joined in November 2009 and is proud of the HFL Team
• Loves her amazing daughter and new son, all her extended family, her cat, Milo, friends, people, the beach, music, food of all kinds, fine wine, and travel; would love to learn a second language and a musical instrument
• In a relationship with her childhood friend for over seven years
• Has traveled to parts of Italy & Germany (loves the Amalfi Coast…Positano in particular, and would love to return one day), France, England, and a few of the Islands (bucket list in mind for so many more beautiful places to explore)
• All things being equal, she would rather be working from the beach

Team member Tammi Shnider at Hudson Family Law

Tammi Shnider

Tammi Shnider is a Floridian and one of our newest team members! We’ve loved learning and implementing her processes into our daily services. Here is a little more information to learn more about Tammi:
• Native of South Florida
• Asked her Husband out on their first date (she was a senior in high school, and he was a junior in college).
• Member of the Florida Bar since 1998
• Mom of two phenomenal men who is currently matriculating through college
• Newest member of the team and loving it
• Married for 25 years and still trying to take a vacation (to Europe).
• Loves Italian food, chocolate, and international intrigue

What Family Law Services Do We Offer?

Family Law covers a broad range of scenarios that deal with divorce, abuse, child custody, and more. We specialize in many sectors of this umbrella term to ensure you receive the best quality care when you and your family need it most. When you have a trusted legal representative on your side, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to win a case that’ll create better solutions to your situation. Our team places your best interest in mind by developing compassionate, strategic plans for your success. If you need a professional to walk alongside you, here are the following common services we offer:

How Can Our Family Law Business Help You?

When you choose us as your trusted family law attorney, it’ll make all the difference in your situation. You deserve a legal advocate who carefully listens to your needs and goals to provide a good action plan for your case. We put your concerns first and will go into a court session fully prepared to settle any problem with satisfactory results. We aim to help you win and, most importantly, help you emotionally as you transition into a new chapter of life. We know the hardships of a divorce, so we are here to assist you in any way possible beyond the legality aspect.

Why Should You Choose Us As Your Trusted Family Law Firm?

Hudson Family Law is committed to providing strategic, optimal solutions to your story and situation. If you need a professional to support you and assist you while you walk through a divorce or any family legal matters, we’re happy to help. You shouldn’t have to journey alone during hardship with a spouse or child, so we’ve cultivated an environment that’s always here for you. Contact us today for your family law services.

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